And so we’ve had another week that provided no shortage of topics for debate. Some of those got so spicy that some of KickerGH’s writers couldn’t help but dig their feet into them, producing the dialogue below.

By: KickerGH Staff




Jo Ansah (JA): Am I the only one who doesn’t buy into this ‘bribery’ thing?

Sammie Frimpong (SF): I do, though.

JA: Oh, really?

SF: Yea, way too juicy to disprove. The conspiracy theorist in me just wishes it weren’t entirely false — much like that little kid who resists being persuaded that Santa ain’t real, lol.

JA: Well, I think, given the inordinate demands of these latter-day [Black] Stars, the money was probably used to pay for their costly hairstyles or some other trivia, given that the men at the FA are rarely ever associated with funds unaccounted for.

SF: Hairstyles? Hehe, more like it was spent as a token of gratitude to Obinim for whatever role he played in taming the Egyptians so well. Whatever it was actually used for, though, don’t be a killjoy, bro. Welcome to Nii Lante’s party — and don’t mess it up for us, please. We ain’t done feasting on this.

JA: You said it oh, mate. I refuse to be drawn into this — but, well, even if it was spiritual help it paid for, considering the amount of money involved, it’s more likely to have been used on ‘blood of Jesus’ from Shepherd Bushiri. Any idea how much a bottle of that stuff costs?

SF: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil… I won’t even dare guess.

JA: Fearo!

SF: Touché. Seriously, though, how could anyone even think Ghana had to bribe any of those nations to ease through? Ain’t we good enough to beat anyone fair and square?

JA: Good enough we definitely are, and I doubt any of those supposedly bribed sides would have sold a shot at the Fifa World Cup for whatever amount it is that is being bandied about. However, that said, it’s not farfetched either to think there could be more to these qualifying campaigns than meets the eye.

SF: Eish, what are you suggesting? *rans away*

JA: Ha, go figure!

SF: Well, while that may be true, are we really prepared to snap open a can of worms, bro?

JA: Erm, I have to concede that’s a moral dilemma I’d rather not bother my head with.

SF: Aha, who’s the fearful one now? I’m surprised, though, that this is only surfacing now

after so many World Cup qualifying campaigns. Really, I ‘can’t think far’ on this one. Can you?

JA: Well, most will attribute that to the new Sports minister; whether all this is for the better, though, is a question I just can’t answer.

SF: I spy, I spy: a grand witch-hunt...

JA: While a witchhunt might be wrong, only witches need fear one.

SF: Eh, the FA boss must hear of this!

JA: Pass the message along, then.

SF: Sure, expect his call anytime soon. Got him on speed dial.

JA: Smh



SF: Why do I feel Michael Osei’s life — perhaps quite literally — depends on this?

JA: Hmmwith Osei, I only keep wondering why the honeymoon had to end so soon. His very soul is at stake on Sunday but he might probably win just to buy himself a few more weeks.

SF: Too tough on him, though. He’s beaten Hearts twice already this year. Does he really have to do it a third time to prove himself?

JA: Those results, though impressive, would’ve been relevant only if he were competing for theHearts-Kotoko rivalry trophy’, whatever that is. If that’s all he’s good at, he might as well step aside and work only when Hearts come around.

SF: Ouch, Josh! That hurts.

JA: Well, you know what they say about the truth hurting and all.

SF: C’mon, you know ‘Ember’ is much better than that. Speak the truth and shame Zacharias, brother. Show some love.

JA: Okay, but I four-one for one am yet to see anyextra’ attached to Osei’s ‘ordinary’.

SF: Hehe, I see what you did there — so not cool. But, really, after overseeing such a stunning renaissance in the first round, is he really going to be judged by a rough patch of form in the early stages of the second half that could well be merely temporary?

JA: Renaissance, rough patch, rejectionI’m pretty sure I heard that narrative somewhere, although I could have sworn that was about an outspoken tactician who got replaced with his assistant but, then again, perhaps my memory is failing me…

SF: Hey, if your memory is really going to fail you, I hope that only happens after you’re reminded that Kotoko, just before beating Hearts in the first round, had lost at home to Edubiase. Checkmate!

JA: Well, like I said, I think Osei will buy himself a bit more time with another win versus Hearts but, unless he gets to play the Phobians every week, he’d probably be off before the season ends.

SF: Still harsh but, charley, that’s your opinion. Can’t fault it. I only hope Kotoko’s chiefs aren’t sharing your line of thought. I like Osei — no prizes for guessing.

JA: That said, I do believe he might not be a fraud after all — I just don’t think he’s up to the task. He can’t provide the sort of results Kotoko want and, on the other hand, Kotoko can’t provide the sort of time he needs.

SF: He did so well throughout the first round and all were calling for him to get the job. How does a string of unfortunate results ruin all that?

JA: So let me get this right: you’re basically saying a string of good results is good enough to push for him being kept but a string of bad ones isn’t sufficient basis to argue that he be shown the exit?

SF: Consistency, brother, consistency. Which string has been more consistent: the good or the bad?

JA: 2/5ths of a round is not a period of good performance long enough to warrant the sort of commitment you’re demanding.

SF: Oh, and 1/5th of a bad round is long enough to warrant the sort of treatment you’re prescribing?

JA: I see we’re really just steering this towards opposite ends. Away from that, the issue always is that struggling at the dawn of a tenure is understandable; poor results after steadying the ship with no obvious, reliable source of points in sight? Not so much.

SF: Smh, why not simply let the ‘gods’ decide later today, eh? There’s only so much mortals like us could say/do in determining the fate of another mortal, you know.

JA: Hehe, what you don’t know is that I do have ‘inside’ knowledge, but the outcome is for me to know and you to find out so, yes — let’s leave it to the ‘gods’.

SF: Lol, I hear. Who gets your vote for the ‘Super Clash‘, then? Kotoko for me… you?

JA: Kotoko, too, just so I win both ways. *winks*

SF: … which helps Osei’s cause just fine. Thank goodness we finally agreed on something. *winks right back*

JA: And — just so we don’t pitch tents in different camps again — that’s a wrap!


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