Home and abroad, football was on the menu this weekend, being served in all of its flavours. Here at WWLTW, though, we like it best in one particular shade, namely, the ‘weird’ — and, thankfully, we did have enough of that.

Join us feast, then!

By: Sammie Frimpong & Joshua Ansah



It was as inevitable as it’s been ruthless. Leicester City were always going to pay heavily for winning a English Premier League title they had absolutely no right to [and with a points margin so obscene]. And so some of Leicester’s slightly bigger rivals have struck back, strengthening their ranks and cruelly picking our little, blue Cinderella apart while at it. Chelsea, who Leicester toppled as champions, have plucked the influential N’Golo Kante to rhyme with Conte salvage Mikel Obi’s ‘legacy’, Arsenal only narrowly missed out on Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez may wish to leave before Leicester get to win the Champions League, Jurgen Klopp’s calls wake Ben Chilwell up every morning, West Brom are already looking to steal Jeffrey Schlupp, and even Ranieri’s assistant, Steve Walsh, is being poached by Everton for some role. Ah, surely someone — certainly not WWLTW, though — should have warned the Foxes it was going to be this hard!



To English giants Chelsea and everyone connected to them, the Blues are more than just a football club. Now, we know fans of other clubs (hello, Barca!) would [dis]regard this statement with an air of amusement, but WWLTW is beginning to believe it regardless, especially in the face of mounting evidence. Before you pick up your coats to leave, kindly hear us out: let’s face it, the London outfit are famous for their usually reliable ‘bus services’ and, having acquired the ‘human train’ in N’Golo Kante over the weekend after the bus broke down last season, all must clearly acknowledge Chelsea as really being more than a football club now; they are quickly becoming the most dynamic transport company around.




Medeama enjoyed a jolly good weekend, picking the only point they could reasonably expect on the road in this year’s Caf Confederation Cup group stage away to Tanzania’s Young Africans. After fetching that priceless gift from their former head coach, Hans van der Pluijm, the Yellow and Mauve must have watched with glee as clubs in the Ghana Premier League’s top quarter tripped up to hand them the chance — without even kicking a ball — to take advantage of the table’s ‘Snakes and Ladders’ nature and shoot up from 6th all the way to the heavens. Heck, they should be on continental assignments every weekend if it’s going to be this easy, eh!



Yes, Hearts of Oak’s new boss, Sergio Traguil, finally won only his second game in the league since his mid-term take-over but just reflect on the result against Hasaacas for a minute and you’ll realise the Portuguese just shot himself in the foot big-time. You see, up until now, Phobian fandom had been patient and understanding enough to allow him time to settle but, having dared pick up such a huge victory — one that places Hearts top of the table, no less — expectations are bound to rise and the pressure on Traguil will soar correspondingly. Sometimes a man’s just gotta stick to what he does best and not try to outdo himself. So much for three points, amigo!


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