And so we’ve had another week that provided no shortage of topics for debate. Some of those got so spicy that some of KickerGH’s writers couldn’t help but dig their feet into them, producing the conversation below.

By: KickerGH Staff



Josh Ansah (JoA): This boycott issue is becoming quite annoying. The threats just keep coming and with so many of that, one wonders how long before a team actually gathers the vim to leave and throw the whole league into chaos. On the flip-side, though, could there be any legal implications for a boycott?

Sammie Frimpong (SF): Lol, it’s happened before, right? Didn’t Zamalek recently exit the Egyptian top-flight on their own terms or something?

Jim Aidoo (JiA): So much heat, yet so very little light. Getting really annoying with every passing empty threat, really.

JoA: Well, I think any culprit should be banned from the league in subsequent seasons should they go ahead and boycott. No need having such bad nuts around.

JiA: But, Sammie, Zamalek’s withdrawal from the Egyptian top-flight is an isolated case. Plus, the reasons were also very different from those stated here.

SF: And you think Tech City ain’t justified, Josh? Why won’t the bus stall when there’s no gas to fuel it, Messrs. Daara et Nyantakyi?

JoA: Ah, but you should know what goes into the journey before you leave and fill up enough gas for the full course, no?

SF: And when the man supplying the gas…well, just can’t be found? How does everyone keep moving, then?

JoA: Gas, supply… all these petroleum terms, and yet the basic issue remains same: you can’t embark on a journey you’re not fully prepared for. It’s unwise to depend on others for necessities. Make provisions for yourself, folks!

SF: Ah, well… that shouldn’t absolve the sleepy FA completely of blame either, should it?

JoA: No, it shouldn’t, but the clubs  need to be more responsible regardless.

JiA: On the other side, though, you ought to feel a bit sorry for the clubs. They are under so much stress financially.

SF: Granted, but I say let’s just watch ‘Micky Charles’, while praying no other club buys into City’s ‘crazy’ idea, or else…

JiA: Wahala!

JoA: It surely would be interesting to see how it all goes down, I agree.




SF: Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight…!

JoA: Hmm, let’s just say Asamoah Gyan’s statement was not as directed to ‘someone’ as people might think but, hey, who the cap fits right?

SF: Eh, Josh, you’re his lawyer now?

JoA: Not really; just another ‘concerned citizen’.

SF: Lol, ain’t we all, brother? This could spell big trouble for the Black Stars… remember the messy Abedi-Yeboah, Abedi-Appiah situations in the nineties?

Dad never stops talking about it, trust me.

JoA: There’s the hope it won’t degenerate into any of those. Surely, Stephen Appiah didn’t give his all for this, did he?

JiA: Crappy Internet service by Vodafone will be the death of me. So frustrating — I’m actually moving about just to get network!

SF: Oh, Voda…?

JiA: Suppressed laughter, though, when Nana Agyemang tweeted that Gyan had sent out a ‘spiritual’ warning to those after his captaincy. Sounded so crass and revealing in almost equal measure.

SF: Nana is another case, Jim. Topic for another day. Appiah was undisputed, however. None ever came close. Not so much for Gyan…

JiA: I am sure Andre Ayew has the emotional intelligence to deal with it. He hasn’t hidden his desire for the armband, but you’ve got to give him a thumbs-up on how he handled the issue in the interview he recently granted.

SF: Class, Jim, class. That kid’s got lots of it. He over Gyan for me, anyday.

JoA: I think I agree with Jim. It will all come down to how Dede handles this and, for some reason, I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

SF: Lol…won’t it just be better if Dede keeps it, given how rarely we have Gyan around these days?

JoA: In the long run, that may be how things go: Dede captaining fairly regularly because Gyan isn’t around but the ‘Chinaman’ still seen as the ‘General Captain’ — whatever that means.

SF: Really, that kinda I-dey-like-I-no-dey existence Appiah and John Mensah all went through before ultimately being phased out?

JoA: Yea…

SF: Er, by the way, Jim still roaming the streets for a Voda-favour?

JoA: Seems so. Poor him, lol. For now, all ought to be content knowing Gyan’s the boss.

SF: And Dede the ever-willing ‘understudy’, I guess?

JoA: Yea, that should be the plan going forward just so peace will prevail.

SF: Okay, people; let all imagined hostilities cease.

JoA: Er, unless…

SF: Haha, unless you’re dragging this further, charley — which you’re definitely not.

JoA: It’s a wrap, then!

SF: Jim?


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