PUMA has revealed what the Black Stars would be wearing in the not-too-distant future and it isn’t bad


Monday saw sportswear manufacturer PUMA reveal the new kits of three of its African national clients, namely, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. Of course, the only one among the bunch that matters to us at KickerGH is the Black Stars’, thus moving us to do a review of what we’re getting. You may just feel this is the finest we’ve gotten yet from the German giant in our ten-year relationship.


Yes, not many Ghanaians have loved black ever since that colour, worn against lowly Zimbabwe in the ultimately ill-fated final group game at the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations, got smeared with an embarrassing 2-1 loss. Still, black, the colour of the hugely symbolic star in the middle of the national flag, should never be left entirely out of a proper Ghana shirt. Fortunately, it hasn’t in previous versions, and the latest offering simply refuses to buck the trend. Actually, it does more, taking the love of blackness to all-new levels; not too much to haunt our consciousness, but just enough to remind us of who we are, courtesy those bold sleeves.


While black claims more ground than before on the new shirt, the national flag’s three other colours are seen battling for their lives. The previous edition, prepared ahead of Ghana’s appearance at the 2014 Fifa World Cup, barely did justice to the red, gold and green with the Kente-inspired prints which served a mash-up of all four national colours at the cuffs and on the collar. The new attire, however, pales their significance. Black, as already described, hugs the arms, but the others are mostly restricted to the Ghana Football Association’s badge, with yellow — bossing the neck and the tiny PUMA logos on the shoulders — gaining just a bit more prominence. But, then again, it’s only just.


This shirt, doubtlessly more than any Ghana has ever worn, incorporates the best technology has to offer. It does so much for the players that, while enthralled by the on-pitch action, we don’t see. Using a new evoKNIT technology, PUMA has produced a knitted design for lightweight, form-fitting comfort as well as effective thermoregulation and performance enhancement properties, while the seamless nature of the torso is the game’s first.


Watched the likes of England, France and USA play this year? Well, then, you’d realize that — though sponsored by a different kit sponsor from theirs — Ghana’s shirt design, with respect to the sleeves’ colours not matching the trunk’s, looks somewhat identically patterned. That’s not bad company to be found in, eh?


Of the three kits unveiled by PUMA, two would have their owners parade in them by the end of this week: Cameroon against France in their friendly yesterday, Cote d’Ivoire when they play Gabon over the weekend in an Afcon 2017 qualifier.

And Ghana?

Oh, we’re not wearing it till later this year on an unspecified date — much like every good thing that’s reserved for last, making it even more special


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