It was a weekend filled with lots of weird stuff and WWLTW takes a weird look at the weirdest of them all

By: Sammie Frimpong

Home and abroad, football was on the menu this weekend, being served in all flavours. Here at WWLTW, though, we like it best in one particular shade, namely, the ‘weird’ — and, thankfully, we did have plenty of that.

Join us feast, then!



Believe it or not, Louis van Gaal hasn’t made bad decisions all his life. Contrary to what you might think, signing Memphis Depay certainly wasn’t one of them, while his slightly weird hair isn’t entirely his fault — and neither is breeding the monster that is Jose Mourinho when the two worked together in the latter’s formative years at FC Barcelona. Not even when Mourinho beat his mentor in the 2010 Uefa Champions League final did LVG have cause to regret ‘birthing’ the Portuguese. So why would he now he’s done fulfilling his mission at Manchester United, namely, narrowing the David Moyes-enlarged vaccum at Old Trafford into a space cute enough for Mourinho’s ‘special’ bum?

Really, guys, forget Saturday’s FA Cup triumph; van Gaal’s biggest legacy for United as he leaves his pen and notepad office is an even more expensive package set to arrive at Ed Woodward’s door in a little while wrapped in garish colours and an over-sized ego box. Thanks, Louis!



It’s at your own peril that you doubt the prowess of Ghana’s No.1 pastor, Bishop Daniel Obinim. Obinim, who reportedly inspired singer Chris Brown’s 2009 hit ‘I Can Transform Ya’, has proven beyond all doubt (yours aside, perhaps?) that nothing — and I mean nothing — is beyond him. It is for that reason that it makes little sense attributing Kumasi Asante Kotoko’s amazing renaissance this season to any but Ghana’s sole representative among heaven’s myriads of angels. The transformation of the Porcupine Warriors from a team that dropped more points than a certain Italy-based Ghanaian footballer’s estranged partner has her guard in leaked vulgar tapes to one now occupying the league table’s higher realms within weeks while averaging just a goal every game?
You really couldn’t argue Obinim if ever he claims credit for it, such is the sheer suddenness of the turnaround.


Some weekends aren’t bad or good — just long, boring and strange — and the latest was one of such for football fans. A week after the season’s league champions drowned their bottles of bubbly, it was time to crown cup kings all over Europe but, somehow, none besides Paris Saint-Germain (who, at this rate, would soon force all of France’s other clubs to form a merged side to have a chance of winning anything) seemed to want it enough during 90 minutes. Some, like Barcelona, Juventus and Manchester United, could only nick it in extra-time, while Portugal’s Braga and Bayern Munich in Germany had shootout-assisted conquests. In the end, it almost seemed like a conspiracy to hold our attentions more than was necessary, and WWLTW didn’t like it one bit. Too long, too boring, too strange. Never again!


From the Archives: Watch Harrison Afful eighth from left. Watch him. Closely. Now, give God glory!

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