KickerGH will soon release a ranking of the Ghanaian footballers who had a role, however little, in the 2015/16 English top-flight. Here’s how you can follow along


Football fans love rankings, from those determining who the sport’s best and richest are to those that put the spotlight on its worst-behaved and least-talented.

At KickerGH, we do too, as is evident in our regular ‘Gallery’ series. This week, though, we switch focus to the Ghanaians who had some part in the just-ended English Premier League season.
The criteria is a rather simplified one, divided into three major areas:
(i) the player’s key personal statistics, (ii) his club’s finishing position, and (iii) how influential the player was in achieving it.
The breakdown is as follows:


FORWARD: Goals – 5 points*, Assists – 4 points, Fouls suffered+Successful dribbles+Key passes• – 3 points

MIDFIELDER: Goals – 5 points,

Assists – 4 points,

Fouls suffered+Successful dribbles+Key passes – 3 points

DEFENDER: Goals/Assists – 5 points, Tackles+Interceptions+Clearances – 4 points,

Offsides won+Key passes+Successful dribbles – 3 points


Champion         – 20 points

Rest of Top 4     – 15points

Europa League  – 10 points

7th to 17th          – 5 points

Relegation places – 0 points


Number of games completed  – 5points

Appearance(s) as a starter       – 4points

Appearance(s) as a substitute  – 2 points

Personal awards won        – (10 points for Player of the Year, 5 for less)

Based on the above, the rankings would be published on May 20, with the player on the most points ranked Ghana’s best in the EPL for 2015/16 and the remainder following accordingly.

Before then, though, kindly let us know what you think of the aforementioned criteria in the poll below.

NB: The statistics used will be sourced from
*The number of points awarded per metric would be multiplied by the figure(s) accumulated in that particular category.

Sums available in decimals are rounded off to the nearest whole number before multiplication.


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