It was a weekend filled with lots of weird stuff and WWLTW takes a weird look at the weirdest of them all

By: Sammie Frimpong

Home and abroad, football was on the menu this weekend, being served in all flavours. Here at WWLTW, though, we like it best in one particular shade, namely, the ‘weird’ — and, thankfully, we did have plenty of that.
Join us feast, then!


Now we know WWLTW has gained a reputation for taking nothing serious, but we henceforth pledge a sincere change in that attitude (though we’re not sure just how that would last). Although few, there do exist some things far more important than football like winning the lottery life, and on Sunday, the bomb scare as Manchester United prepared to host Bournemouth brought that to the fore.  It’s why WWLTW is neither going to point out how that scare was probably someone’s twisted idea of providing the only real attacking threat seen at Old Trafford all season nor joke about Louis van Gaal going out with a bang. We’re truly glad everyone is okay. Oh, we are — seriously.

WWLTW was reasonably pissed to learn last Friday that a certain South African nobody thinks he’s man enough to coach Ghana’s Black Stars.
My word — just who does he think he is?
Just because Mr.Nobody — who’s only ever worked at two South African clubs and had a stint with the national team — thinks his Mamelodi Sundowns beat a careless Medeama 3-1 courtesy a bizarre seven-minute spell, he’s suddenly the man with the all the answers to Ghana football’s biggest questions, even elevating himself to the status of a potential Ghana boss?
There couldn’t be a worse insult to all our hungering home-bred Ghanaian coaches and the mass of Serbians queuing up to handle the Stars before doomsday. Oh, the impudence!


With Leicester City being celebrated on the penultimate matchday of the English Premier League for stealing a title that should have been Arsene Wenger’s, the Arsenal boss still had the last laugh in the end. Sealing an end-of-season slot in the league’s top two for only the first time since 2005, Arsenal hit hapless Aston Villa for four on a weekend when three-goal hero Olivier Giroud reminded everyone he’s the man to lead the Gunners’ attack till Wenger retires. Coupled with Tottenham Hotspur’s parting gift to relegated Newcastle at St. James’ Park, Arsenal finished above their neighbours for the 21st season running.

If Wenger ever needed an argument to push for a contract extension, this was it. Loud and clear.


Girls everywhere who were excited that the European football season was ending,  probably hoping it would guarantee more quality time with their boos for the next few months, were likely shocked when served notice that the 2016 European Championship only just started gathering pace as clubs closed business for the term. Ah, sure, and there’s also the Copa America Centenario coming up in a bit!

In place of unprecedented pampering over the summer in absence of football, then, they’ll have to endure more competition with the beautiful game for the attentions of their men. Sorry, ladies; we absolutely feel your pain but, hey, we’re backing the guys for this one.



Second and above Spurs again? Why would you even think my head’s on fire, dude? It’s a freakin’ halo!



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