As Leicester’s fairytale ride to being English champions
looks increasingly likely to culminate in success, they’d have good
reason to count on Ghanaian support

As the Premier League title race tightens, most Ghanaian fans may
appear somewhat disinterested, given that their favourite clubs — the
Manchester Uniteds, Chelseas, Liverpools, Manchester Citys and
Arsenals — are as far off from landing that coveted piece of
silverware this term as is realistically possible. As it turns out,
the two clubs with the brightest shots at being crowned champions in
May, Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur, don’t really have huge
fanbases in these parts.

So, then, which of the two, should push come to shove, would you root for?

Well, for me, Leicester are my choice, and the club’s blue shirt —
granted I could even find one to purchase in Accra — is what I’d wish
to wear over my red Liverpool jersey and, no, not begrudgingly. If
there’s any hope of joy for Ghanaian followers of the Premier League,
the Foxes are the best bet to deliver it. The Ayew brothers, Andre and
Jordan, are battling the drop at the foot of the league table with
Swansea and Aston Villa respectively, although the latter is clearly
worse off. Over at Chelsea, a club surprisingly only a few feet higher
on the table, Baba Rahman continues to struggle in working his way up
the Blues’ pecking order as a left-back.

Ghanaian duo, Jeffery Schlupp and Daniel Amartey could well be on their way to an historic Premier league title

The pair of Ghanaian footballers at the King Power Stadium, however,
could hardly complain about their lot. For Jeffrey Schlupp and Daniel
Amartey, the season is set to be decorated in a wreath of barely
anticipated glory. Their club leads the 20-team pack with a five-point
advantage, and the fixture list is only seven games-long at this
advanced stage. Indeed, Leicester seem to be having it so good that
even manager Claudio Ranieri — a man who has been derided for failing
to make any significant impact when handed the reins at some of
Europe’s best-resourced, most glamorous clubs — couldn’t help but
finally share the increasingly popular belief that his club could
really, really pull this off, after having maintained a cautious
stance for much of the campaign.

Belief amongst fans at an all-time high

“Sometimes I’ve said we are at the last turn and now we are on the
final, home straight,” the Italian expressed proudly after Saturday’s
potentially crucial win away at Selhurst Park.

“Now,” he added, but not without a hint of drama in his tone, “I want
to see my horses, how they run.”

Schlupp and Amartey, needless to say, haven’t been the most glamorous
of those horses in Ranieri’s stables during Leicester’s surreal gallop
to the top. The former had been an undisputed starter, but only till
injury in December 2015 set  him on the long, winding road to
recovery. Amartey has enjoyed the experience far less, though, having
been around only since his winter move from FC Copenhagen and is still
warming his way into the hearts of Ranieri and Leicester fans. But, of
course, these individual challenges wouldn’t make Premier League
winners’ medals — which seem so very much within touching distance
now, in fact  — any less valuable to win. The likes of N’Golo Kante,
Jamie Vardy, Daniel Drinkwater and Riyad Mahrez may be claiming all
the plaudits and would almost certainly be hailed as the ones who
perhaps pushed hardest to bring Leicester’s wildest dreams to
fruition, but men like Amartey and Schlupp would be remembered for
their own relatively minor roles, too.

The likes of Mahrez, N'Golo Kante, Jamie Vardy, Drinkwater and Wes Morgan have been immense for Leicester City FC this term

And, boy, would people this side of the Atlantic be rocking when those
two become the only Ghanaians, after Michael  Essein,  to conquer the best league in the world.



  1. Good read!

    I was wondering today whether the Foxes would be picking up supporters across the globe? Do you think football supporters across Africa (let alone Ghana) will drop allegiances to Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and the so-called glamour clubs?

    As a QPR fan, I’m very jealous of Leicester and the way they’ve gone about achieving what they’re doing this year!


    • Exactly Kieran you can only look back at what Leicester have done with their less-than-massive resources and where they’ve gotten to barely a year after escaping the drop. I’m not too sure people have yet dropped allegiances to the bigger clubs and what I can say, with a healthy level of certainty is that people are beginning to revise their notes and have adopted Leicester as their 2nd teams. A similar run next season they might be getting themselves millions of new ‘followers’ esp in Africa. At least Algeria &Ghana are already there

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sure. Football shouldn’t be all about transfers, huge wages with its accompanying crap, and no loyalty amongst players. Leicester’s case is an exciting and refreshing break from what is fast becoming the norm. What a story they are writing. In the end, methinks football wins. You can get to me (@jimaids) on twitter and let’s keep the conversation going chumy!

        Liked by 1 person

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