WHAT WE LEARNED THIS WEEKEND: WAFA the GPL’s new bullies, Aduana to sue Google

It was a weekend filled with lots of football and, as is its
God-given obligation, WWLTW conducts a satirical review of some

Home and abroad, football was on the menu this weekend, being served
in all forms. Here at WWLTW, though, we like it best in one particular
flavour, namely, the ‘weird’ — and, thankfully, we did have plenty of
that. Join us feast, then!

SAMMIE FRIMPONG — ‘Ruthless WAFA champions-in-waiting

Oh, Lord. . . WAFA!
Teams should really be scared playing the little Sogakofe-based club.
For one, their Dutch head coach’s surname is frightening enough to
instil the fear of God in any opponent; his first name, if supported
by a Ghanaian passport, could even stand him in good stead for the
nation’s presidency (sorry, NADAA!). Whipping record Ghana league
champions and favorites for this season’s Premier League crown, Kumasi
Asante Kotoko, 2-0 on opening day was bloody enough, but what WAFA
dished out last Sunday to experienced campaigners Sekondi Hasaacas was
everything it shouldn’t have been: insolent, damning, and utterly
humiliating. Surely, there must be a portion of the rules that
declares such a heavy thrashing so early in the season morally wrong!
The five goals Hasaacas conceded on Sunday added up to nine in their
last two trips to WAFA’s fortress, netting just once in response,
while the Academy, based on home form, could win the league on the
same merits as did Aduana Stars years ago, only with so many more
goals to spare.

Any reminders of the meaning of my killer name, anyone?” -John Killa

Good Weekend
Three gameweeks into the new GPL season, the one portal which could
feed us digital freaks with the most reliable, up-to-date information
about who’s being relegated and who’s not, the Ghana Football
Association’s website, is still in hibernation. The most recent
information on the site’s Premier League page precedes the season’s
commencement by four days, while the league log you’d see — the one
that has B.A United 21 points behind everyone else, Hearts of Oak
barely pulling away from the grips of relegation, and Aduana Stars
still looking like a top-flight club —  expired almost six months
ago. If independence is all about being free, relaxed, and having
absolutely no care in the world, ghanafa.org had, by far, the best
weekend — a holiday it doesn’t look too keen to emerge from anytime
soon. Happy 59th, y’all!

JOSHUA ANSAH — ‘Grant and Ghana’s woe-mance brewing
We’ve been having memory flashbacks a lot here at KickerGH in recent
times and this week we remembered yet another feeling — oh, you know,
like when people just won’t shut up about your relationship and they
keep talking and talking about how bad it is to the extent that even
your partner also starts complaining?
Well, if Ghana head coach Avram Grant didn’t know it, he definitely
does now, after the week he’s had. Grant was forced to prematurely cut
his vacational tour scouting trips across Europe short because the
Ghanaian media simply refused to mind its own business and keep mute
about his prolonged absence from the country, forcing Ghana’s football
authorities to order his immediate return ‘home’. The Israeli did
oblige and has promptly returned, only to spend his time over the
weekend in Tema looking every bit the part of a frustrated, nagged-out
husband as he watched Dreams FC hold Inter Allies in a boring draw,
when he’d probably have been better off seeking out prospective Ghana
internationals in Kosovo! We couldn’t help but feel for the big guy,
even as we sat next to him among the VIPs, charley. Tragic. . .
Really, why not spare Grant and the GFA such misery and grant them the
long-distance relationship both otherwise seem very okay with?
Believe it or not, ‘long-distance’ does work just fine — especially
when neither party is really bothered.

So you Ghanaians kraa, somebody can not play with you again?” – Avram Grant

Bad Weekend
You know that feeling (another flashback, yea) when you think you have
a problem and consult Google for answers but the solution that seems
to work for everybody just wouldn’t work for you?

No, you really don’t — unless, of course, you’re in Aduana Stars’ shoes.

When you start a season with two defeats on a bounce and get rid of
your coach — or, perhaps more ideally, he resigns — you expect the
results to change, even if only as a result of the increased
motivational levels and corresponding surge in momentum that comes
with a managerial switch. What you don’t expect, however, is to lose
your very next game — and to a newly promoted side, no less!

Then again, Google guarantees no one-size-fits-all that works for
everybody, does it?


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