By: KickerGH Staff

While most Ghanaians think the following players are doing a
bad job at masking their ‘real’ ages, the KickerGH team of writers
strongly disagree

Really, what’s this world coming to?
First, Leicester City are on the brink of a shock English Premier
League triumph and, as though that weren’t upsetting enough, now a man
can’t again be trusted over anything — even his age?
Well, we at KickerGH won’t stoop so low as to share in such shameless
‘Thomas-ing’, thus being prompted to jump to the defence of some
Ghanaian players who’ve been particularly targeted with accusations of


Abraham Asiedu Attobrah

Not that he is overly talented for a 20-year old but Belgium-based
Abraham Aseidu Attobrah often leaves rival fans with a few worry lines
on their foreheads because his sheer force, power and level of
experience defy what could normally be read on the labels of many a
teenager his ‘age’.
Likely his genetic make-up is out-of-this-worldly, for his kind is
rare by quite some distance, possibly making him one of the
oldest-looking 20-year-olds I have ever seen in my short life, what
with his often well-groomed beard and moustache.
But, hey, what do I know?


Emmanuel Agyemang Badu

Badu isn’t your typical 25-year-old — well, for a fact, he doesn’t
quite look like it.
Even when he fired in that decisive spotkick which secured Africa’s
first World Cup at U20 level back in 2009, he came across as that
taleneted bunch’s great-grand-daddy. Perhaps that’s why a teammate
sped after him as he wheeled away shirtless in celebration of that
history-altering strike, possibly to chastise him for exposing those
bulging biceps and toughened abs which may just have betrayed his real
age. Or maybe he’s really just as old as he says he is — don’t mind
me eh.


Richard Kingson in 2010

Richard ‘Olele’ Kingson, probably the most popular on this list, was
officially born on the June 13, 1978. And although there are many who,
perhaps swayed by the #olelefacts hashtag which trended on Twitter not
very long ago and the many jokes it spawned, are inclined to doubt the correctness of that date, the veteran goalkeeper does deserve credit for  the amazing longevity of his career. Believed to have been in his prime in the mid-to-late 90s, Ghana’s most capped
international has managed to stay evergreen and stubbornly refused to
age, no doubt a toast to the real Dorian Gray!


Fatau Dauda

What’s it they say about goalkeepers again?
Well, they apparently don’t just get better with age but, per Ghanaian
standards, grow younger, too.
Dauda may not have been around as long as Kingson has, the man he
ousted as Ghana No.1, has, but he certainly isn’t without his own oddities.
Dauda’s face bears the scars and all the marks of several lives’ worth
of hustle (observe image above closely. Nay, closer still, please.),
only that he’s had no more than one life, albeit one possibly far
longer than the officially recognized duration of three decades.



Frank Acheampong

The speedy winger is another whose facial features just don’t seem to
match his age. At just 22, Acheampong could easily pass for one eight
years older — and why wouldn’t he when he is reported to have
completed training as a teacher a full decade ago!

He may  genuinely have been born in 1993, granted, in which case picturing
Acheampong argue with his peers at home during the final of the 1992
Africa Cup of Nations — or crouching around a black-and-white TV set
trying to catch a glimpse of the Fifa World Cup two years prior —
stretches the imagination just a little. The Anderlecht ‘youngster’ is definitely one who is much,much, much younger than he is looks.




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