It was a weekend filled with lots of weird stuff and WWLTW
takes a weird look at the weirdest of them all

Home and abroad, football was on the menu this weekend, being served
in all flavours. Here at WWLTW, though, we like it best in one
particular shade, namely, the ‘weird’ — and, thankfully, we did have
plenty of that. Join us feast, then!

JOSHUA ANSAH — ‘Kotoko tease critics with loss, Vendors’ jump for
joy, Sushi for a shirt (or more)

The 2016 Ghana Premier League season has really started and, among the
many observations made on its opening weekend, we witnessed Kumasi
Asante Kotoko, annoyingly labeled by their detractors as ‘pre-season
champions’, sacrifice their first game to remind all their competitors
that pre-season form will not necessarily translate into points. Hell,
no. . .

And in what style they did it!

Away to WAFA in Sogakofe, the Reds seemed to lose all the composure in
front of goal they showed in the off-season from the first kick of the
ball to the last, and their defensive solidity since the end of the
last campaign was also conspicuously missing as they succumbed to a
2-0 reverse. So bad was the transformation that we at WWLTW agree it
couldn’t have been anything but deliberate — a conclusion the club
could confirm anytime soon. Their fans should not let the result
bother them too much, really, as it was merely a message that needed
to be sent to the haters. Now that’s successfully done, Kotoko are
ready to rise and conquer all who come before them — just like in

“Point made”

Good weekend
Suffice to say it was a pretty good weekend for food vendors at the
various league centres, with these probably the most relieved of all
GPL stakeholders. The joy of the vendors at the start of the league
was evident at all venues and, with prices having taken a hike in
recent times and business booming in consequence, there’s very little
that could put them down.
Good times, eh?

Bad weekend
Your team winning their opening match of the season after a less than
impressive pre-season should be cause for excitement, right?
Well, yes, but when you’ve rewarded your new coach with a club-branded
shirt after a disastrous performance in a pre-season tournament,
you’ve got to worry whether you’ll need to fetch a club-branded jet by
the end of the league’s first round if he still has you cruising.
Burdened with such food for thought, fans of Hearts of Oak should
reasonably be getting a little sadder with every win Japanese-American
head coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi gets them. You just gotta feel for them,

“Over to you fans of Accra Hearts of Oak, I have done my first bit of business” – Kenichi Yatsuhashi
The Ghana Premier League log at the end of Match day one.

SAMMIE FRIMPONG — ‘GFA impress us (twice), Pelly pricks Pep, and the
worst start possible

Ah, Fridays…
We’ve always known the last of the five working days is perhaps the
most exciting, given that it unclads the weekend in all its alluring
sexiness, but the Ghana Football Association took it to new levels of
brilliant with two epic moves on Friday, February 19, that would rival
even the finest Hollywood scripts.
First, the FA’s Appeals Committee ever so subtly overturned the same
institution’s Ethics Committee’s sixteen-day-old sentencing of fresh
entrants Techiman City to a two-tier demotion [on counts of qualifying
for the Ghana Premier League match-fixing/bribery/corruption]. And,
given that no reason has yet been provided to explain the sudden
turn-around, we at WWLTW are quite certain the FA wasn’t desperate to
include Micky Charles’ boys merely to ensure the 2016 league season
commenced no later than February 20. Smart and classy.

The Appellate Committee of the Ghana Football Association overturned an earlier ruling by the Ethics Committee to ensure Techiman City got their pass to participate in the Ghana Premier league this season

But in case, for some strange season, you still felt the Appeals
Committee’s decision was rushed, well, don’t blame ’em. Apparently
there wasn’t enough time within which to include the reasons for
exonerating City in their verdict, as it was literally hounded out of
the FA’s conference room by Saani Daara’s British-bred Rottweiler to
ensure the five-man panel reached a quick decision on a day that the
FA, in all of its inimitable wisdom, opted to shut shop early.

And, NO — they didn’t do so just to avoid being served another
injunction which could have set the season’s commencement back a few
more years. It’s a shame you can’t trust the FA for once, dude.

Good Weekend
Manuel Pellegrini looked a crushed man as he watched his futuristic
Manchester City side battered 5-1 by Chelsea in the FA Cup on Sunday
but, deep inside, he must have been happier than I was on getting my
first pack of crayons. After all, it wasn’t his City which lost — no,
not with the likes of Sergio Aguero, Joe Hart and Yaya Toure all
absent. With the club’s youngsters underwhelming so, ‘El Ingeniero’
successfully showed just what sort of future awaits City after he
leaves. At this rate, his summer replacement Pep Guardiola, would need
to raid his former club Barcelona’s entire B side, not just Lionel
Messi and everyone else, to have a chance of having a chance. You
can’t win anything with [awful] kids, you know.

“wish you all could see how I feel inside”

Bad Weekend
Trick question: What makes winning a first Premier League game on
opening day the worst thing that could ever happen to a newly-promoted

Answer: Being Dreams FC or Techiman City. Both are collectively half
of the reason why the league’s beginning so late, in which case you
know daring to get the season off to a winning start would earn you so
much less love. You’d feel a 29-game losing streak would do them far
more good.


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