Fans of Ghana Premier League football in the country’s
Eastern Region would soon be relieved of their decade-old starvation

The sun rises in the east, but football fans in Ghana’s Eastern Region
haven’t had much brightness and warmth with respect to action in the
national championship during the past decade.

Not since the double demotion of Kade Hotspurs and long-standing elite
campaigners Okwahu United in 2005/06 (Power FC, though traditionally
based in the regional capital, played home games in the year of their
own relegation — 2006/07 — in Ho, Volta) has the region enjoyed
Premier League football. That itch, however, is about to be well and
truly scratched.

Dreams FC ready for the upcoming Ghana Premier League
Dreams FC look  ready for the upcoming Ghana Premier League

It is, of course, no news that newly-promoted Dreams FC would use the
Dawu Stadium for their home games, as their Kweiman base — which saw
them through the lower divisions — is simply not fit enough to cut it
at the highest level.

Following that announcement, the pitch at Dawu — not put to regular,
competitive use since its best-known ‘owners’, erstwhile Premier
League participants Dawu Youngsters, went defunct — has seen a
face-lift that’s transformed it into a worthy arena, at least per the
Ghana Premier League’s lofty standards and, with Dreams in town, local
fans would have a valid licence to, you know, dream.

Executive Chairman Kurt Okraku’s ambition has seen the club recruit
some of the better personnel available, on the pitch as well as off
it. One-time Ghana skipper Charles Akunnor — assisted by former
domestic star Winfred Dormon — is head of Dreams’ technical team,
German-trained physiotherapist James Commey-Bortsie has also recently
been brought on board, while some strong signings, blended with the
group that secured promotion, provide a considerably decent squad not
shorn of youth and experience. Base all that with the knowledgeable
Karim Zito in charge of the club’s youth development system and it’s
not too hard to see why the Dreams project isn’t one which would be
dying off anytime soon. Put simply, all things being equal, Eastern
Regional football is in for quite a treat.

Head coach CK Akunnor issuing instructions to some of his charges at their new home grounds
Head coach CK Akunnor issuing out instructions to some of his charges at their new home grounds
Club CEO Mr. Kurt Okraku with a section of his staff and members of the playing body readying themselves for the new season
Club CEO Mr. Kurt Okraku with a section of his staff and members of the playing body readying themselves for the new season

Last Sunday, in climaxing a ten-day programme to mark the rebirth of
the Dawu Stadium, fans were served a tantalizing teaser of delights to
come when Dreams took on Ghana’s oldest surviving football club, Accra
Hearts of Oak. And although the visitors triumphed 4-1 on aggregate
(there were two separate games), the hordes present would have felt
satisfied with their appetites well-whetted ahead of the 2016 season’s
February 20 kick-off. Dreams — no older than six years — themselves
would have little reason to feel worse despite the heavy loss, as they
have likely began to feel at home already, especially after Member of
Parliament for Okere (a constituency into which Dawu falls), Hon. Dan
Botwe, assured them of his full support.

“This is also now our team and I can assure you that Dawu, the
constituency and for that matter, the whole Eastern Region will offer
you all the support you need to succeed,” the MP said in part.

With Aduana Stars having long set the precedent that an adequately
prepared new entrant needn’t settle for the status of an also-ran or,
in a worst-case scenario, a quick return to the ‘wilderness’, Dreams
can keep their hopes reasonably high. Should their adopted home match
those targets, this particular fairytale could have the best of
conclusions for all involved.


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